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This is not about Angry Bird? It is about ANGRY DBA? Want to make them happy and get your job done? Whenever you are working on a issue that involves DBA I recommend you to provide as much information as possible. Below, I will list all the questions DBA might  whenever the developer or anyone who is seeking help from DBA. Check out the questions that DBA ask and answers as many as you can before reaching out to DBA and include them in your email. Sooner or later they will ask these questions from you. Everyone says communication is key but to me providing correct information is the key more so then communication without the key information.

Questions DBA ask during troubleshooting:
  1. What is the ORA error code?
  2. What is the name of Database Instance name? 
  3. What is the table name?
  4. What is the schema name?
  5. What is the userid/username used to login?
  6. What arguments are being passed to the procedure/function? What is the expected result?What is the  ORA error message
  7. Can you reproduce the error message?
  8. Can you send the data in flat file(txt) either comma or pipe delimiter?, Never send data in an EXCEL document, DBA prefers pipe over comma.
  9. Can you send the query?
  10. Do you have an Execution Plan? 
  11. Has the data volume changed recently?
  12. Has any DDL change made recently?
  13. When was the last time it worked?
  14. Are there any dependencies?
  15. What is the impact to the business?
  16. How long do we keep the data?
  17. Do you have a purge process?
You may not have answer to all the questions but it does not hurt to ask DBA on where to check to get the answers they want. It is better to ask then providing the information that you are not sure. If you are a developer, you will need to get familiar with these question and answers and make your and your DBA's life better. 

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Have a Database-ious Day!

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