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I am Prabin Baniya, the founder of DBA Republic website which is the leading online virtual portal where I provide free database speech for internet users. I established the DBA Republic blog way back in 2014 as the sole owner. I have immense experience in this field because it is something I have been involved in for over ten years and I love working and blogging about it. I have over ten years experience working as a database administrator and also as an application developer. I am highly skilled in this field and these are my skills set; database administration, database tuning, query optimization, database design, data modeling, software analysis, application development, and technical support.

My other areas of expertise include; database security, technical support and re-engineering, strategic planning, and IT service management & governance. I have written numerous articles, in fact over 150 articles on Oracle, Linux, Scripting, SQL server, and other database related technologies. My experience in this field is what has enabled me to have lots of intricate information about it. With me you can comfortably trust that whatever you get about the industry is right and also authentic. I am also an active member of Quora. To further illustrate my strong membership there I wish to say that I am not just an active member but a very active member who has answered over eighty questions about database and database administration. My interest is to connect with IT professionals, IT entrepreneurs, and open net-workers who also share the same ideals as me. 

It is also my desire to mentor those who are keen about learning and acquiring more information about database administration, database security, technical support, etc. It is my belief that I can make this field of technology even much better by sharing with the world what I know and understand better. You can be rest assured that my blog will help you learn about new ideas in this field of information technology.

Interested in working with me? I can be reached at pbaniya04[at] for any questions, consulting opportunities or you may drop a line to say HELLO. Thank your again for visiting my blog and I am looking forward to serving you more. 

Have a Database-ious Day!

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