RowId Vs Index

9:18 PM
and the winner is dbarepublic... I am kidding right? With this article, we will find out who is the real champion among INDEX and ROWID? M...Read More

Renaming Object

9:02 PM
As the title states, it just re-name from old object name to a new object name. Not all Oracle objects can be re-named easily. Oracle Table,...Read More


10:38 PM
No one gets a maintenance window for days. The standard maintenance window is 4 hours or less for most companies. There are however applica...Read More


12:02 PM
TNSPING is an Oracle utility to determine if the listener for a service on an oracle network can be reached successfully. This utility is lo...Read More


10:00 AM
You all may have used IN, NOT IN, EXISTS, and NOT EXISTS or have seen at one point in their IT career. Many believe SQL keyword IN is simila...Read More

Ref Cursor

10:00 AM
REF CURSORS is the powerful, flexible, and scale-able ways to return query results from Oracle database to application. It is a PL/SQL data ...Read More

Explicit Cursor

11:15 AM
A Cursor is a work area or a section of memory in which SQL statements are processed in the Oracle server. A cursor is a pointer to a privat...Read More
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