10 Reasons You Should Never Visit

Just Don't.....

We have compiled 10 reasons as why you should not visit our site. We believe, you as a regular reader of our site may have more reasons than those listed here. We encourage everyone to spread these reasons among your friends, co-workers, and colleagues. DBA Republic truly believes that sharing is caring to the people of our nation which cost you nothing.
10. The articles are written by industry experts who are currently working in multi-national companies supporting mission critical databases in complex IT environments.
09. We don't make up stuff. All articles published here are our own experience and the problem we solve each day at work.
08. Who doesn't like the best of both worlds? Our reader gets to learn both Oracle and SQL Server in a single article absolutely free.
07. We are one stop shop for database enthusiast, student, professional, researcher, and expert.
06. No questions is a dumb question. We answer any questions with equal priority. We don't ask you Google it, we will solve it for you.
05. Our site is clean, organized, and Google ad free. We don't ask you  to register, signup or collect any personal information. If you are asked, then you are at a wrong site. Please  type to visit our site.
04. Our visitors are growing exponentially every week, day, hour, minute, and second.
03. We publish and update our article every week if not every day.
02. No donation is required to read, share, comment, or like our page.
01. DBA republic does not discriminate any database and treats all databases equal.
00. Keep Calm and Visit 

 Now, Will You?

Interested in working with me? I can be reached at pbaniya04[at] for any questions, consulting opportunities or you may drop a line to say HELLO. Thank your again for visiting my blog and looking forward to serving you more.

Have a Database-ious Day!


  1. 06. No questions is a dump question.
    NOT dump - dumb

  2. Thank you, I will correct that. Do you know where that is coming from?


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