Rendering SSRS Report inside I frame

Rendering SSRS Report inside I frame

                If you have worked as a Developer then you might have noticed that the application that you wrote runs like a champ in IE but will not run at all in chrome or Firefox. Sometime your Application might run in one version but will not run in another version.  Recently I came across an issue where an Application written in .net rendering SSRS report (Report content were placed inside an IFRAME) was only showing the first page of the report. Report with more than one pages were not seen by the user. Report worked fine with IE 8, 9 and 10 Compatibility view but will not work in Firefox or Chrome.  First thought was that it might be something to do with the height of the I frame. Changed the height of the I frame but the problem still existed.
              Finally instead of tweaking the .net code I looked into report properties and find out a very easy solution for the issue. Page set up did the trick. By default Reports that are built in SSRS have a default page size of 8.5 * 11 inch so depending on the browser where you are viewing your report, html might not render the data that does not fit on the first page. Especially when rendering report inside I frame. By going to the report properties and increasing the height of the report will resolve the issue.


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