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Mr Junior wants to take shortcuts in his life but he is families are warning those shortcuts will only take him so far. If you take shortcuts, you may cut short. Shortcuts in real life may not be a good thing but I am sure the keyword shortcuts to SQL Developer (IDE) are the way to go to impress your boss, friends and colleagues.These shortcuts make the database development fast and easy. The table lists all the shortcuts I use often and I want you to start using them if you haven't already.

When it comes to success, there are no shortcuts - Bo Bennert.
and I say:
When it comes to SQL Developer success, there are keyword shortcuts.

Execute Statement
Ctrl + Enter or F9
Execute Script
Auto trace
Format Code
Ctrl + F7
Autocomplete Code:
Ctrl + Space Bar
Go to Line
Ctrl + G
Shift + F4
SQL History
Copying Result
Ctrl + Shift + C
Toggle uppercase/lowercase, initcapital :
CTRL + Shift + '
Ctrl + /
Grid Result up/down
ALT + PageUp/PageDown

The list does not cover all the comprehensive keyword shortcuts offered by SQL Developer, there are more than what are included on the table but these are the most frequently used or popular of all the shortcuts.

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